Bureaucracy: a daily virus…

Our local, and very convenient, dog pedicurist has moved away, presumably to more lucrative employment which raised the problem of where to get Max’s nails clipped. I mentioned this to a fellow Dachshund walker as we, and more to the point, our dogs greeted each other. She said she was taking Dino to Petsmart and we were welcome to go along. So this afternoon we went and presented our little treasures at Petsmart’s dog salon where our interrogation began as to Max’s vaccination record.

Fortunately he is up to date with all the essentials in that regard but obviously my word was not enough to satisfy Petsmart protocol. Since I didn’t have the foresight to bring his vaccination certificates with me they would have to confirm with my vet whose name and exact location I could not recall. Luckily I had his phone number to hand (though rather illogically listed) and a brief phone call sufficed to satisfy the young woman working on the registration desk who was more than ready to accept the word of an anonymous voice at a phone number she had not actually confirmed as that of a veterinarian. Perhaps I just exude honesty!

Once the all-clear was given Max could proceed and get the simple task of a nail clipping performed in less than five minutes. But I was left wondering whether such thoroughness was really necessary. If the goal of such requirements as current vaccinations is so vital to prevent possible contagion between dogs why was the whole interrogation performed in the very same room with other dogs already being groomed. Indeed during the process Max was sociably sniffing noses with a black labrador awaiting collection by its owner.

As one who has serious misgivings about the whole vaccination orthodoxy and who complies with it only under duress and the necessity of occasionally having Max placed in a kennelĀ it seems to me this procedure is yet another odious example of bureaucracy controlling our lives.