Ill Prepared…

When my wonderful partner informed me she was intending to transition to womanhood I had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. How naive! Last week’s visit to her doctor resulted in an increase in her hormone medication and dire warnings from her doctor that, “The first seven days will be hell!” Well clearly the doctor knew a thing or too about the adverse effects of hormones. We are in fact only in to the third day and last night was traumatic by any standards with my poor partner sinking in to the depths of anguished hormonal despair that had both of us wrestling demons practically all night. I’m bracing myself for more to come and hoping step by step to better equip myself in coping with this new experience.

Meanwhile I seem to have fought off another cold,bombarding it with herbal teas and the ever-effective wild oregano oil. Just as well as I was having serious misgivings I might have to ask my doctor for antibiotics, which she is more than pleased to prescribe at my slightest suggestion. In fact she advocates I take them on a daily basis as the only alternative to the ARV medication I refuse to take. Talk about grim choices….

On happier themes I continue to view property in NS ever hopeful I will one day be able to afford a purchase and return to my most beloved part of Canada. Right now I have found a delightful century farm with 13 acres and two barns, one huge, nicely nestled in gentle hills and blueberry acres and agreeably isolated but amenable to emergency services.

Of course relocation would present certain obstacles, obvious and less obvious and in particular I am painfully aware one needs to give some consideration as to the availability of doctors and hospitals; a sad necessity as one gets older. There is for example another wonderful property for sale in Cape Breton, its many assets reading like a dream-list fulfilled for such as myself: 160 acres of natural isolation with a delightful heritage property, including a beautiful barn and seemingly devoid of neighbours for miles around. The fact it is also without plumbing is of course a minor detail. I went to Google Earth to further educate myself and I have to admit, while zooming across Canada I was painfully aware, in the event of any health or fire emergency I would be pretty much on my own! This thought would not have troubled me even 10 years ago but as I now approach retirement a little trepidation hovers overhead!

Oh well, I dream on!