I went…

I went to the garden

Seeking solitude

And found people at the gate.

I walked the busy streets

And found myself alone.

I sat at home

In retreat.


Beauty is in the eye…


Beauty, it is said is in the eye of the beholder! Of course that is true but the meaning goes further I think. After all, it can also be said that all things are in the eye of the beholder. Our understanding, our comprehension of the world in the widest sense and our appreciation of it is surely the direct consequence of the way we see, the way we perceive and interpret the world through our senses. With this in mind I have found increasingly that using a camera to capture images I see has greatly enhanced my ‘beholding’ of the world.

I particualrly enjoy snapping shots of different objects, changing the range and angel of my viewing. Often the resulting images afford me great satisfaction. Last evening as I set off on my evening walk here in Vancouver, I happened to notice a familiar sight, a dumpster, often taken for granted. I took out my little pocket sized Canon and started snapping shots. The dumpster emerged as a distinct and I think quite beautiful object. see what you think.

021 022 035

Metal objects in particular and especially once they begin to succumb to the elements offer fantastic photo opportunities. Here are a few taken recently:



001 029

Little treasures….

We walked to the village shop to buy cheese,
snapping photos on the way.
No matter how often one walks the same road
there is always something different to see;
the bright hawthorn berries beginning to fade;
the texture of snow transformed by sunburst;
the old building a little further decayed!

Returning home we stopped in to see Paul,
always a pleasure,
and discussed a documentary about the Universe.

I bought three little treasures;
two old postcards to send a friend
and an old photograph of a young man
who captivated my imagination.
Who was he I wonder;
or is he still?

My motto…

img_4084 veg garden 1

Every now and then I am forced to remind myself about my motto: moderation in all things! Actually I’m having to remind myself more often. We have access to so much information now that one can be forgiven not only for getting overwhelmed but more specifically, confused.

I’ve just scrolled down my Facebook page and alighted on an article questioning the health benefits of adding raw spinach and kale to one’s smoothies. My first reaction; oh dear God what now? One minute there is an avalanche of recommendations about the health benefits of these excellent vegetables and coincidentally a tidal wave of the far from cheap produce in our grocery stores; and now this. I take a deep breath and rationalize.

Of course spinach and kale is good for us and frankly common sense tells me eating raw fruit and vegetables is not only the natural and intended method for consuming food but has to be the optimum means of obtaining our essential nourishment (I highly recommend the Nearing’s book: ‘The Good Life’).¬† Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the skill and discipline of eating a totally raw food diet, but I’m working towards improving things on that front. Moderation again!

Then I read on to learn why this particular person is advising caution on the kale and spinach front. It’s all about oxalic acid apparently and the fact we shouldn’t be over-doing it. Moderation again!

Finally, having digested the writer’s (Dawn Combs –Mockingbird Meadows) rant I ask myself the all important question, what are her credentials for this advice. Well actually at face-value she sounds worthy of some respect; perhaps more to the point her argument, assuming her facts to be correct, makes some sense.

Does this mean I should stop eating raw spinach and kale? Certainly not! Instead I shall simply remind myself, moderation in all things. I shall use a little less of it, possibly heed Dawn Combs’ advice and steam some, but most importantly I shall not allow myself to be overwhelmed or confused by the plethora of health advice¬† proliferating all over the internet.

Today’s Hype!


I happened to spot this while waiting in reception for my acupuncture session.The caption caught my attention and I read on wondering how and why one might start one’s own revolution! It sounded too good to be true and of course it was.

Clearly the latest push by big pharma companies is to give a new spin on their highly toxic and dubious HIV medications. For anyone who reads beyond the headline of the advert there are two pages warning against the possible adverse side effects of the meds, many serious and life-threatening.You might want to bin the magazine immediately.

Actually I didn’t because I was curious to see what further BS advertising was printed between its covers. I soon came across another model man poised to ‘discover the once-daily Prezitsta experience’. Sounds like a new Italian dish! Not so of course, just another highly toxic and potentially, you guessed it, life threatening medication.


By the time I reached the third guy towards the back of ‘PA’, beaming healthily (and looking a little stupid I thought) the caption seemed a little weak: ‘Just the one for me.”


Want more handsome pics of healthy men advertising HIV meds: check out ‘PA:Positively Aware’ May+June 2014.