Perhaps it is just that time of year when the status quo gets changed around a bit but a lot seems to be happening with our neighbours and I’m not exactly over-joyed.

This morning I was awakened at 3:30 by the expletives of the normally quiet woman immediately above us evidently arguing with her boyfriend; that in itself a novelty. The loud voices eventually fell silent only to be superseded by the obvious sounds of a passionate re-bonding. I’m not sure which was worst but in any event, just to add insult to injury, the couple then got up and decided to take her dog for a walk. It’s a large beast and decidedly noisy as it gallops down the stairs the other side of our bedroom wall.

Another couple, our very good neighbours in the adjacent apartment have just split-up. This morning I watched his pathetic figure leave the building carrying only a plastic bag and climbing in to his daughter’s car. He has fallen victim to a mother’s decision that she prefers offering shelter to her recently homeless daughter, a single mother fleeing the brutality of a violent lover. I suppose as excuses go it is reasonably plausible. We know the daughter and haven’t heard her baby son exercise his lungs. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I learned another neighbour albeit in the adjacent building but well-known to us, has also departed, more dramatically to be sure: he hanged himself in the back of a paddy wagon! We called him the ‘Veggie Man’, a reference to an incident involving another neighbour, the former occupant of the apartment above us. This unsavoury character whom I named ‘The Hag’ was the bi-polar, prostitute partner of a minor drug dealer who delivered his merchandise on roller skates which he didn’t bother to take off in between the many visits back and forth to the apartment. Their day began roughly around one o’clock in the afternoon when they awoke, and ended, with any luck when they and their retinue fell unconscious at six in morning.  Needless to say it was a living nightmare of which we bore the brunt. But ‘Veggie Man’ was also a victim and one morning, around 3:00am, observing ‘The Hag’ from his third floor apartment leaving our building he rained down upon her an assortment of vegetables and  a couple of eggs.

Thankfully ‘The Hag’ and retinue have gone although it took a three-month fight with the Residential Tenancy Board to get them evicted. All things considered I suppose one disturbed night is nothing to complain about but you can understand my slight apprehension!